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Cessation of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder drugs in the young (CADDY) - A pharmacoepidemiological and qualitative studyWong, ICK; Asherson, P; Bilbow, A; Clifford, S; Coghill, D; Desoysa, R; Hollis, C; Mccarthy, S; Murray, M; Planner, C; Potts, L; Sayal, K; Taylor, E200992
Educational interventions to reduce prescribing errorsConroy, S; North, C; Fox, T; Haines, L; Planner, C; Erskine, P; Wong, I; Sammons, H200868
Interventions to reduce dosing errors in children: A systematic review of the literatureConroy, S; Sweis, D; Planner, C; Yeung, V; Collier, J; Haines, L; Wong, ICK200790
Interventions of hospital pharmacists in improving drug therapy in children a systematic literature reviewSanghera, N; Chan, PY; Khaki, ZF; Planner, C; Lee, KKC; Cranswick, NE; Wong, ICK2006168
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