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The effects of a tick-size reduction on the liquidity in a pure limit order market: Evidence from Hong KongPan, W; Song, FM; Tao, L201277
Glyceollin, a soybean phytoalexin with medicinal propertiesNg, TB; Ye, XJ; Wong, JH; Fang, EF; Chan, YS; Pan, W; Ye, XY; Sze, SCW; Zhang, KY; Liu, F; Wang, HX2011211
Fangchinoline is a potential anti-cancer drug by inducing autophagic cell death in heaptocellular carcinoma cellsWang, N; Pan, W; Zhu, M; Zhanf, M; Hao, X; Lian, G; Feng, Y201165
Fangchinoline induces autophagic cell death via p53/sestrin2/AMPK signalling in human hepatocellular carcinoma cellsWang, N; Pan, W; Zhu, M; Zhang, M; Hao, X; Liang, G; Feng, Y2011187
Toxicity of pharmaceutical wastewater on male reproductive system of Mus musculusZhao, D; Zhu, C; Sun, S; Yu, H; Zhang, L; Pan, W; Zhang, X; Yu, H; Gu, J; Cheng, S2007154
Deformation and failure modes and reinforcement methods of ancient cavern group in Longyou CountyLi, LH; Yang, ZF; Yue, ZQ; Pan, W; Mu, HC2005139
A study on an enhancer-like element in Escherichia coli.Pan, W; Wu, SH; Jin, Q; Yu, WH; Liu, ZW; Jin, DY; Du, P; Hou, YD199079
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