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Views on the peer review system of biomedical journals: an online survey of academics from high-ranking universitiesHo, R.C; MAK, KK; Tao, R; Lu, Y; Day, JR; Pan, F201324
Mapping the central effects of chronic ketamine administration in an adolescent primate model by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)Yu, H; Li, Q; Wang, D; Shi, L; Lu, G; Sun, L; Wang, L; Zhu, W; Mak, YT; Wong, N; Wang, Y; Pan, F; Yew, DT2012144
Animal models of post-stroke depression and assessment of its face validityChen, MX; Ao, LJ; Li, Q; Pan, F201166
Substrate effects on the ordering nanostructure for La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 ultrathin filmsFu, M; Xie, QY; Gu, M; Zhang, Y; Wu, X; Pan, F; Chen, X; Wu, L; Pan, G; Gao, J2010765
Chronic ketamine abuse causes dysfunctions of different brain areas relevant to neurodevelopmental psychiatric disorders: evidence from fMRI in a primate modelYu, HL; Li, Q; Wong, DF; Shi, L; Mak, YT; Lu, G; Shun, L; Wang, L; Cheng, M; Pan, F; Yew, DT2010139
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