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Electronic sensitivity of carbon nanotubes to internal water wettingCao, D; Pang, P; He, J; Luo, T; Park, JH; Krstic, P; Nuckolls, C; Tang, J; Lindsay, S201181
Translocation of single-stranded DNA through single-walled carbon nanotubesLiu, H; He, J; Tang, J; Liu, H; Pang, P; Cao, D; Krstic, P; Joseph, S; Lindsay, S; Nuckolls, C201072
Encoding molecular-wire formation within nanoscale socketsTang, J; Wang, Y; Klare, JE; Tulevski, GS; Wind, SJ; Nuckolls, C200755
Chemically responsive molecular transistors fabricated by self-aligned lithography and chemical self-assemblyTang, J; Wang, Y; Nuckolls, C; Wind, SJ200659
Chemoresponsive monolayer transistorsGuo, X; Myers, M; Xiao, S; Lefenfeld, M; Steiner, R; Tulevski, GS; Tang, J; Baumert, J; Leibfarth, F; Yardley, JT; Steigerwald, ML; Kim, P; Nuckolls, C200687
Transferring self-assembled, nanoscale cables into electrical devicesXiao, S; Tang, J; Beetz, T; Guo, X; Tremblay, N; Siegrist, T; Zhu, Y; Steigerwald, M; Nuckolls, C200652
Single-molecule transistor fabrication by self-aligned lithography and in situ molecular assemblyTang, J; De Poortere, EP; Klare, JE; Nuckolls, C; Wind, SJ200669
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