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Rising epidemic of HIV-1 infections among general populations in Fujian, ChinaYao, X; Wang, H; Yan, P; Lu, Y; Lin, H; Chen, L; Ng, J; Lau, E; Liu, L; Wu, J; Chen, Z2012144
Patterns of psychological distress among Chinese women diagnosed with advanced breast cancerLam, WWT; Ng, J; Tsang, J; Yau, TK; Soong, I; Yeo, W; Suen, J; Ho, WM; Wong, KY; Kwong, A; Suen, D; Sze, WK; Ng, A; Fielding, R201236
CCR5 antagonist TD-0680 uses a novel mechanism for enhanced potency against HIV-1 entry, cell-mediated infection, and a resistant variantKang, Y; Wu, Z; Lau, TCK; Lu, X; Liu, L; Cheung, AKL; Tan, Z; Ng, J; Liang, J; Wang, H; Li, S; Zheng, B; Li, B; Chen, L; Chen, Z2012152
Inquiry project-based learning with wiki at Primary Five levelChu, SKW; Wong, K; Lee, C; Chow, K; Ng, J201165
Halsbury's laws of Hong Kong. Vol. 18, [pt]. 1. Maritime lawChan, FWH; Ng, J; Tai, SK; Tang, O2009175
Reclamation Ground Settlement Monitoring by Using GPS and Other Positioning Technologies at ShenZhen Airport.Kwong, AKL; Lui, V; Ng, J2007124
Monitoring Slope Failure at Kadoorie Agricultural Research Centre with a 3D Laser Scanner.Kwong, AKL; Wong, A; Ng, J2007144
Uncertain data mining: An example in clustering location dataChau, M; Cheng, R; Kao, B; Ng, J2006169
Surveyors' perspectives on ethics in organisational cultureLiu, AMM; Fellows, R; Ng, J200466
Shipping and Logistics Law: Principles and Practice in Hong KongChan, FWH; Wong, B; Ng, J2002166
Chapter 8: Bills of Lading Chapter 9: Freight, Laytime & Demurrage Chapter 10: Carriage of Passengers by Sea Chapter 11: Towage & PilotageChan, FWH; Lok, A; Ng, J; Wong, B; Chen, L; Yeung, C1997144
Energy, Transport and the Environment in AsiaHills, PR; Barron, WF; Ng, J1996124
Prognostic factors and progress for ambulation in elderly patients after hip fractureCheng, CL; Lau, S; Hui, PW; Chow, SP; Pun, WK; Ng, J; Leong, JCY198968
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