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Integrable NLS equation with time-dependent nonlinear coefficient and self-similar attractive BECKraenkel, RA; Nakkeeran, K; Chow, KW2011262
Dissipative solitons in coupled complex Ginzburg-Landau equationsPak, OS; Lam, CK; Nakkeeran, K; Malomed, B; Chow, KW; Senthilnathan, K200983
Chirped optical solitonsSenthilnathan, K; Nakkeeran, K; Li, Q; Wai, PKA200955
Periodic waves in fiber Bragg gratingsChow, KW; Merhasin, IM; Malomed, BA; Nakkeeran, K; Senthilnathan, K; Wai, PKA2008173
Chirped solitons and the nonlinear Schrodinger systemsNakkeeran, K; Chow, KW2008107
Transmission and stability of solitary pulses in complex Ginzburg-Landau equations with variable coefficientsChow, KW; Lam, CK; Nakkeeran, K; Malomed, B200890
Bright - dark and double - humped pulses in averaged, dispersion managed optical fiber systemsChow, KW; Nakkeeran, K2007132
Solitary wave solution for a non-integrable, variable coefficient nonlinear Schrödinger equationGrimshaw, R; Nakkeeran, K; Poon, CK; Chow, KW200783
Solitons in Bragg gratings with saturable nonlinearitiesMerhasin, IM; Malomed, BA; Senthilnathan, K; Nakkeeran, K; Wai, PKA; Chow, KW2007126
Exact solitary- and periodic-wave modes in coupled equations with saturable nonlinearityChow, KW; Malomed, BA; Nakkeeran, K2006130
Soliton pulse propagation in averaged dispersion-managed optical fiber systemMak, CC; Chow, KW; Nakkeeran, K2005139
Coupled periodic waves with opposite dispersions in a nonlinear optical fiberTsang, SC; Nakkeeran, K; Malomed, BA; Chow, KW2005198
Multiple-pole soliton interactions in optical fibres with higher-order effectsLai, DWC; Chow, KW; Nakkeeran, K2004181
Periodic waves in bimodal optical fibersChow, KW; Nakkeeran, K; Malomed, BA200372
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