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Increasing difficulty but not decreasing performance - maintained interception with increments in visual blur.Mann, D; Abernethy, AB; Farrow, D2009111
Performance maintenance and emergent behaviour as a result of refractive blur.Mann, D; Abernethy, AB; Farrow, D2008104
Interception enhances anticipation of advance kinematic information.Mann, D; Abernethy, AB; Farrow, D200857
Skilled anticipation relies on the coupling of vision with action. (Abstract published in Clinical and Experimental Optometry, 92(1), 61.)Mann, D; Abernethy, AB; Farrow, D2008102
Fc-dependent expression of CD137 on human NK cells: Insights into "agonistic" effects of anti-CD137 monoclonal antibodiesLin, W; Voskens, CJ; Zhang, X; Schindler, DG; Wood, A; Burch, E; Wei, Y; Chen, L; Tian, G; Tamada, K; Wang, LX; Schulze, DH; Mann, D; Strome, SE2008185
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