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Hepatocellular carcinoma with extrahepatic collateral arterial supplyCheng, LF; Ma, KF; Fan, WC; Yung, AWT; Li, TM; Wong, CS2010119
Prolonged survival with multiple pulmonary metastases from adenoid cystic carcinoma after conservative managementYeung, TH; Wong, CS; Chu, YC; Tam, W; Ma, KF; Yung, WT2009115
An audit of the upper gastrointestinal contrast examination protocol in patients with suspected small bowel obstructionChu, TYC; Wong, CS; Mak, WS; Ma, KF; Cheng, LF2009143
Is ultrasonography-guided modified coaxial core biopsy of the breast a better technique?Wong, CS; Chu, YC; Wong, KW; Yeung, TH; Ma, KF2009224
Chronic expanding haematoma of the adrenal gland mimicking malignancyChu, T; Ma, KF; Wong, CS; Cheng, LF; Yung, WT; Chan, KW200888
A study looking at the role of food causing early and delayed aggravation of atopic dermatitis in Chinese childrenYu, FWK; Pei, A; Ma, KF; Chan, HHL2002147
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