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Efficiency on uni-axial compressive strength improvement by using externally confined concrete-filled steel tube columnsHo, JCM; Luo, L201366
Teacher Training Workshop: An Effective Way for Faculty Development in Medical SchoolWu, Z; Chan, LK; Luo, L; Wang, X2012135
Uni-axial behaviour of normal-strength concrete-filled-steel-tube columns with external confinementHo, JCM; Luo, L2012137
Uni-axial behaviour of concrete-filled-steel-tubular columns with external confinementLuo, L; Ho, JCM201171
Green upconversion fluorescence in terbium coordination complexesLuo, L; Lai, WPW; Wong, KL; Wong, WT; Li, KF; Cheah, KW2004169
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