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Optimized Synthesis Of Art Patterns And Layered TexturesYu, ZQ; Lu, L; Guo, YW; Fan, RF; Liu, MM; Wang, WP201333
Genome-wide association study in a Chinese population identifies a susceptibility locus for type 2 diabetes at 7q32 near PAX4Ma, RCW; Hu, C; Tam, CH; Zhang, R; Kwan, P; Leung, TF; Thomas, GN; Go, MJ; Hara, K; Sim, X; Ho, JSK; Wang, C; Li, H; Lu, L; Wang, Y; Li, JW; Wang, Y; Lam, VKL; Wang, J; Yu, W; Kim, YJ; Ng, DP; Fujita, J; Panoutsopoulou, K; Day-Williams, AG; Lee, HM; Ng, ACW; Fang, YJ; Kong, APS; Jiang, F; Ma, X; Hou, X; Tang, S; Lu, J; Yamauchi, T; Tsui, SKW; Woo, J; Leung, PC; Zhang, X; Tang, NLS; Sy, HY; Liu, J; Wong, TY; Lee, JY; Maeda, S; Xu, G; Cherny, SS; Chan, TF; Ng, MCY; Xiang, K; Morris, AP; DIAGRAM Consortium,; Keildson, S; The MuTHER Consortium,; Hu, R; Li, J; Lin, X; Cho, YS; Kadowaki, T; Tai, ES; Zeggini, E; McCarthy, MI; Hon, KL; Baum, L; Tomlinson, B; So, WY; Bao, Y; Chan, JCN; Jia, W201391
A randomized, double-blind, multicenter phase 3 study of brivanib versus placebo as adjuvant therapy to trans-arterial chemoembolization in patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma: initial resultsKudo, M; Finn, R; Poon, RTP; Blanc, JF; Han, G; Yan, L; Yang, J; Lu, L; Tak, WY; XU, X; Lee, JH; Lin, SM; Wu, C; Tanwandee, T; Shao, G; Walters, L; Dela Cruz, C; Poulart, V; Wang, JH201316
Overview of lupus nephritis management guidelines and perspective from AsiaMok, CC; Yap, YHD; Navarra, SV; Liu, ZH; Zhao, MH; Lu, L; Takeuchi, T; Avihingsanon, Y; Yu, XQ; Lapid, EA; Lugue-Lizardo, LR; Sumethkul, V; Shen, N; Chen, SL; Chan, DTM; the Asian Lupus Nephritis Network (ALNN),201315
Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation of Line Segments and GraphsLu, L; Levy, B; Wang, WP201253
Label-free sensing of pH and silver nanoparticles using an OR logic gateMa, DL; He, HZ; Ma, VPY; Chan, DSH; Leung, KH; Zhong, HJ; Lu, L; Mergny, JL; Leung, CH201284
Conduction band offset of InGaN/AlInGaN quantum wells studied by deep level transient spectroscopic techniqueLu, L; Su, S; Ling, CC; Xu, S; Zhao, D; Zhu, J; Yang, H; Wang, J; Ge, W2012125
Induction of osteo-chondroprogenitors formation during transcription factor-mediated reprogramming processesWang, Y; Lu, L; Wu, MH; Sham, MH; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE; Cheung, KMC201250
Scalp acupuncture for acute ischemic stroke: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsWang, Y; Shen, J; Wang, XM; Fu, DL; Chen, CY; Lu, LY; Lu, L; Xie, CL; Fang, JQ; Zheng, GQ201280
Clinical efficacy and safety of buyang huanwu decoction for acute ischemic stroke: a systematic review and meta-analysis of 19 randomized controlled trialsHao, CZ; Wu, F; Shen, J; Lu, L; Fu, DL; Liao, WJ; Zheng, GQ201285
Global Optimization of Centroidal Voronoi Tessellation with Monte Carlo ApproachLu, L; Sun, F; Pan, H; Wang, WP201264
Generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from bone-formating cellsWang, Y; Lu, L; Wu, MH; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE; Cheung, MCH201196
The Identification of Chloride Channels on Skeletal MyoblastsLu, L; Li, G; Ballard, HJ201171
Visibility-based coverage of mobile sensors in non-convex domainsLu, L; Choi, YK; Wang, WP2011132
Generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from bone-forming cellsWang, Y; Lu, L; Wu, MH; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE; Sham, MH2011125
Epigenetic alteration of organic cation transporter gene SLC22A3 confers susceptibility to esophageal cancer in the high-risk northern ChineseFu, GL; Qin, YR; Tang, H; Ai, JY; Dong, S; Lu, L; Chen, J; Lung, ML; Kwong, DLW; Guan, X2010245
In vitro generation of osteo-chondroprogenitorsWang, Y; Lu, L; Wu, MH; Sham, MH; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE; Cheung, MCH2010104
The behavior of electrodeposited nanocrystalline Co-Ni alloys subjected to magnetic and stress fieldsHu, RL; Soh, AK; Lu, L; Tam, PL; Li, KY201075
Epigenetic reprogramming of fibroblasts into osteo-chondroprogenitorsLu, L; Cheah, KSE; Chan, D; Cheung, MCH201099
Generation of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells from bone-forming cellsWang, Y; Lu, L; Wu, MH; Chan, D; Cheah, KSE; Sham, MH; Cheung, MCH201087
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