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Efficient inverted polymer solar cells with directly patterned active layer and silver back gratingLi, XH; Sha, WEI; Choy, WCH; Fung, DDS; Xie, FX2012129
Luminescent cyclometalated platinum(II) complexes containing N-heterocyclic carbene ligands with potent in vitro and in vivo anti-cancer properties accumulate in cytoplasmic structures of cancer cellsSun, RWY; Chow, ALF; Li, XH; Yan, JJ; Chui, SSY; Che, CM2011836
Zircon U-Pb and Hf isotopic study of Mesozoic felsic rocks from eastern Zhejiang, South China: Geochemical contrast between the Yangtze and Cathaysia blocksWong, J; Sun, M; Xing, G; Li, XH; Zhao, G; Wong, K; Wu, F2011631
Research about tumor prescription and its decomposition of uterine leiomyoma cell growth inhibition of PrincipleMeng, W; Li, XH201142
Highly efficient and diastereoselective gold(I)-catalyzed synthesis of tertiary amines from secondary amines and alkynes: Substrate scope and mechanistic insightsLiu, XY; Guo, Z; Dong, SS; Li, XH; Che, CM201185
SHRIMP U-Pb zircon dating on the metamorphism of the Zanhuang ComplexXiao, LL; Li, XH; Wan, YS; Guo, J; Wu, C201071
Silkworm powder containing manganese superoxide dismutase regulated the immunity and inhibited the growth of Hepatoma 22 cell in miceYue, WF; Deng, W; Li, XH; Roy, B; Li, GL; Liu, JM; Wu, XF; Sun, HX; Yao, ML; David, WCC; Miao, YG200983
Manganese superoxide dismutase expressed in silkworm larvae, Bombyx mori L enhances the NK activity and splenocyte proliferation against Sarcoma 180 tumor cells in vivoYue, WF; Yao, ML; Liu, JM; Li, GL; Li, XH; Wu, XF; Deng, W; Sun, HX; Zhou, JY; Zhang, CX; Miao, YG200990
Gabbroic and A-type granitic intrusions in the Eastern Chinese Tieshan: A post-collisional magmatic recordYuan, C; Sun, M; Wilde, SA; Xiao, W; Li, XH; Long, X; Zhao, G2008215
Late Paleozoic slab break-off in the east Tianshan: Evidence from Magmatism of Balikun, HarlikYuan, C; Sun, M; Xiao, W; Wilde, SA; Li, XH; Long, X; Zhao, G; Liu, D2008194
Constraining the deposition time and tectonic background of the Habahe Group of the AltaiYuan, C; Sun, M; Long, XP; Xia, XP; Xiao, WJ; Li, XH; Lin, SF; Cai, KD2007206
Automated leakage current measurement for medical equipment safetyHu, Y; Pang, LY; Xie, XB; Li, XH; Luk, KDK200566
Current density distribution under surface electrode on posterior tibial nerve electrical stimulationHu, Y; Xie, XB; Pang, LY; Li, XH; Luk, KDK200564
Applying independent component analysis on ECG cancellation technique for the surface recording of trunk electromyographyHu, Y; Li, XH; Xie, XB; Pang, LY; Cao, Y; Luk, KDK200563
Coralline Sr/Ca and Mg/Ca thermometer for the northern South China Sea: calibration and primary application high resolution on high-resolution SST reconstructingWei, GJ; Yu, KF; Li, XH; Zhao, JX; Sun, YL; Sun, M; Nie, BF2004267
Precise Sm-Nd and U-Pb isotopic dating of the supergiant Shizhuyuan polymetallic deposit and its host granite, SE ChinaLi, XH; Liu, D; Sun, M; Li, WX; Liang, XR; Liu, Y2004687
Geochemical and Nd isotopic variations in sediments of the South China Sea: A response to Cenozoic tectonism in SE AsiaLi, XH; Wei, G; Shao, L; Liu, Y; Liang, X; Jian, Z; Sun, M; Wang, P200375
Luminescence and photocatalytic properties of a platinum(II)-quaterpyridine complex incorporated in Nafion membraneLi, XH; Wu, LZ; Zhang, LP; Tung, CH; Che, CM2001143
Geochemical and Sm-Nd isotopic study of amphibolites in the Cathaysia Block, southeastern China: Evidence for an extremely depleted mantle in the PaleoproterozoicLi, XH; Sun, M; Wei, GJ; Liu, Y; Lee, CY; Malpas, J200074
Geochronology and geochemistry of single-grain zircons: Simultaneous in-situ analysis of U-Pb age and trace elements by LAM-ICP-MSLi, XH; Liang, X; Sun, M; Liu, Y; Tu, X200099
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