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Interferon-g and tumor necrosis factor a downregulate the expression of junctional adhesion molecule-C (JAM-C) through transcriptional and post-translational controlsLee, WWM; Leung, TK; Lui, WY2009141
Unraveling the effect of IFN-g and TNFa on the expression of jucntional adhesion molecule-C (JAM-C) in mouse germ cellsLeung, TK; Lee, WWM; Lui, WY2008130
Ionic current abnormalities associated with prolonged action potentials in cardiomyocytes from diseased human right ventriclesLi, GR; Lau, CP; Leung, TK; Nattel, S2004142
Chair-side addition of cast clasp to removable partial denture after abutment extractionLeung, KCM; Leung, TK2003157
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