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An investigation of use of non-verbal behaviors among individuals with aphasia in Hong Kong: preliminary dataKong, APH; Law, SP; Lee, ASY2010123
Employment of nonverbal behaviors in Cantonese speakers with aphasia: preliminary dataKong, APH; Law, SP; Lee, ASY201062
Perceptual and Instrumental Measures of HypernasalityLee, ASY; Whitehill, TL; Ciocca, V200558
Perceptual and Instrumental Analysis of HypernasalityLee, ASY; Ciocca, V; Whitehill, TL200569
Spectral analysis of hypernasalityLee, ASY; Cioeca, V; Whitehill, TL200496
Perceptual characteristics of Cantonese hypokinetic dysarthriaWhitehill, TL; Ma, JKY; Lee, ASY200386
Acoustic correlates of hypernasalityLee, ASY; Ciocca, V; Whitehill, TL2003105
A Word Identification Test for HypernasalityLee, ASY; Whitehill, TL; Ciocca, V2002166
Acoustic and perceptual analysis of the sibilant sound /s/ before and after orthognathic surgeryLee, ASY; Whitehill, TL; Ciocca, V; Samman, N200288
Direct magnitude estimation and interval scaling of hypernasalityWhitehill, TL; Lee, ASY; Chun, JC2002184
The validity of interval scaling for the evaluation of hypernasality.Whitehill, TL; Lee, ASY; Wong, KS200174
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