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Lipocalin-2 deficiency prevents endothelial dysfunction associated with dietary obesity: Role of cytochrome P450 2C inhibitionLiu, JTC; Song, E; Xu, A; Berger, T; Mak, TW; Tse, HF; Law, IKM; Huang, B; Liang, Y; Vanhoutte, PM; Wang, Y2012242
Lipocalin-2 deficiency attenuates insulin resistance associated with aging and obesityLaw, IKM; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Berger, T; Mak, TW; Vanhoutte, PM; Liu, JTC; Sweeney, G; Zhou, M; Yang, B; Wang, Y2010415
Lipocalin-2, an inflammatory adipokine, uncouples endothelial nitric-oxide synthase and enhances endothelial dysfunction caused by dietary obesityLiu, JTC; Xu, A; Mak, TW; Liang, CF; Law, IKM; Man, RYK; Vanhoutte, PM; Wang, Y2010229
Endothelium-dependent contractions induced by aging and diet-induced obesity are attenuated in lipocalin-2 deficient miceLiu, JTC; Xu, A; Man, RYK; Mak, TW; Law, IKM; Liang, CF; Vanhoutte, PM; Wang, Y2010190
Identification and characterization of proteins interacting with SIRT1 and SIRT3: implications in the antiaging and metabolic effects of sirtuinsLaw, IKM; Liu, L; Xu, A; Lam, KSL; Vanhoutte, PM; Che, CM; Leung, PTY; Wang, Y2009124
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