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Maternal height and length of gestation: Does this impact on preterm labour in Asian women?Chan, CP; Lao, TTH200915
Effects of differential glycosylation of glycodelins on lymphocyte survivalLee, CL; Pang, PC; Yeung, WSB; Tissot, B; Panico, M; Lao, TTH; Chu, IK; Lee, KF; Chung, MK; Lam, KKW; Koistinen, R; Koistinen, H; Seppälä, M; Morris, HR; Dell, A; Chiu, PCN2009383
Effects of IL-1ß and IL-6 on glucose uptake in human trophoblastsChow, KM; Chiu, CN; Lee, CKF; Lao, TTH; Yeung, WSB2008120
Impaired immunosuppressive activities of glycodelin-A in pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus. P.611Lee, CL; Chiu, CN; Chung, MK; Lam, KK; Chu, IK; Lee, CKF; Lao, TTH; Yeung, WSB200875
Maternal third trimester ferritin level and subsequent labourLao, TTH; Chan, KKL200792
First Trimester Growth in Fetuses from Assisted Reproduction and Spontaneous PregnanciesHui, PW; Chen, M; Ng, EHY; Tang, FOS; Leung, WC; Chan, CP; Lao, TTH; Tang, MHY; Ho, PC200695
Periodontal status in mothers with or without spontaneous preterm birthsLee, FNF; Leung, WC; Leung, WK; Lao, TTH; Jin, LJ; Chiu, GKC2006238
Characterization of vascular reactivity of human umbilical artery in normal and reduced oxygen conditionsLeung, SWS; Quan, A; Lao, TTH; Man, RYK200480
Biochemical hypothyroidism - A new finding in mirror syndrome?Leung, WC; Tang, MHY; Lao, TTH200447
Serial amnioreductions in triplet fetofetal transfusion syndromeLeung, WC; Wong, KY; Leung, KY; Lee, CP; Tang, MHY; Lao, TTH200437
Delayed-interval delivery in twin pregnancyLeung, WC; Lao, TTH2004167
Comparison of maternal and fetal doppler haemodynamics in pregnancies conceived by IVF-ET versus spontaneous conception in the third trimesterBasir, GS; Leung, WC; Lam, HSW; Cheung, PT; Lao, TTH200392
Immunohistochemical localization of insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and insulin like growth factor 1 receptors (IGF-1R) in the placentas of normal and complicated pregnanciesBasir, GS; Cheung, PT; Cheung, ANY; Lao, TTH200376
Effect of the mode of conception on incidences of apoptotic and proliferative cells in full term human placentasBasir, GS; Cheung, PT; Cheung, ANY; Lao, TTH200378
The effect of mifepristone on the expression of steroid hormone receptors in human decidua and placentaChan, CCW; Lao, TTH; Ho, PC; Sung, EOP; Cheung, ANY200366
Fetal surveillance in diabetic pregnanciesLao, TTH200385
Glucose homeostasis in pregnancy and risk factors for gestational diabetes mellitusLao, TTH2002153
A prospective study of thyroid nodule development during pregnancy in borderline iodine deficient area.Kung, AWC; Lao, TTH; Chau, MT; Tam, SCF; Low, LCK200070
Goitrogenesis during Pregnancy and Neonatal Hypothyroxinemia in Borderline Iodine Sufficient Area-A Biochemical and Ultrasound AssessmentKung, AWC; Lao, TTH; Chau, MT; Low, LCK; Tam, CF200077
Increased rate of congenital anomalies and adverse fetal outcome even with borderline iodine deficiencyKung, AWC; Lao, TTH; Chau, MT; Tam, SCF; Low, LCK200067
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