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Oral disease in the elderly in long-term hospital care.Samaranayake, LP; Wilkieson, CA; Lamey, PJ; Macfarlane, TW199563
Systemic fluconazole therapy and in vitro adhesion of Candida albicans to human buccal epithelial cellsDarwazeh, AMG; Lamey, PJ; Lewis, MAO; Samaranayake, LP199155
Chronic hyperplastic candidosis and secretor statusLamey, PJ; Darwazeh, AMG; Muirhead, J; Rennie, JS; Samaranayake, LP; Macfarlane, TW199166
Oral candidosis in the elderly in long term hospital careWilkieson, C; Samaranayake, LP; Macfarlane, TW; Lamey, PJ; Mackenzie, D199170
The relationship between colonisation, secretor status and in-vitro adhesion of Candida albicans to buccal epithelial cells from diabeticsDarwazeh, AMG; Lamey, PJ; Samaranayake, LP; Macfarlane, TW; Fisher, BM; Macrury, SM; Maccuish, AC199051
Oral carriage of Candida species and coliforms in patients with burning mouth syndromeSamaranayake, LP; Lamb, AB; Lamey, PJ; Macfarlane, TW198952
Oral candidosis: 2. Diagnosis and management.Lamey, PJ; Samaranayake, LP198847
New data on the acceptance of the hepatitis B vaccine by dental personnel in the United Kingdom.Samaranayake, LP; Scully, C; Dowell, TB; Lamey, PJ; Macfarlane, TW; Matthews, RW; Mcdonald, KC198843
Oral candidosis: 1. Clinicopathological aspects.Samaranayake, LP; Lamey, PJ198839
Secretor status, candidal carriage and candidal infection in patients with diabetes mellitus.Lamey, PJ; Darwaza, A; Fisher, BM; Samaranayake, LP; Macfarlane, TW; Frier, BM198890
Increase in acceptance of hepatitis B vaccine by GDPs in the UK.Samaranayake, LP; Scully, C; Dowell, TB; Lamey, PJ; Macfarlane, TW; Matthews, RW198753
Carriage of Candida species in the oral cavity in diabetic patients: relationship to glycaemic control.Fisher, BM; Lamey, PJ; Samaranayake, LP; Macfarlane, TW; Frier, BM198776
Secretor state of patients with insulin dependent or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.Lamey, PJ; Samaranayake, LP; Macfarlane, TW198746
Communication between a specialist dental hospital department and referring general dental practitioners: an attempt at clinical audit.Lamey, PJ; Samaranayake, LP; Glass, GW198755
Attitudes of general dental practitioners towards the hepatitis B vaccine.Samaranayake, LP; Lamey, PJ; Macfarlane, TW; Glass, GW198767
A comparison of oral rinse and imprint sampling techniques for the detection of yeast, coliform and Staphylococcus aureus carriage in the oral cavity.Samaranayake, LP; Macfarlane, TW; Lamey, PJ; Ferguson, MM198660
Bacteraemia consequential to sialography.Lamey, PJ; Macfarlane, TW; Patton, DW; Samaranayake, LP; Ferguson, MM198577
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