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Syntheses, structures, and properties of some piano-stool iron acetylides bearing a functional anthracenyl groupDe Montigny, F; Argouarch, G; Roisnel, T; Toupet, L; Lapinte, C; Lam, SCF; Tao, CH; Yam, VWW2008132
Synthesis and characterization of luminescent rhenium(I)-platinum(II) polypyridine bichromophoric alkynyl-bridged molecular rodsLam, SCF; Yam, VWW; Wong, KMC; Cheng, ECC; Zhu, N2005153
Synthesis, characterization and luminescence studies of trinuclear rhenium-cobalt mixed-metal alkynyl complexes containing a tetrahedral CO2C2 cluster unitChong, SHF; Lam, SCF; Ko, CC; Yam, VWW200479
Luminescent heterometallic branched alkynyl complexes of rhenium(I)-palladium(II): Potential building blocks for heterometallic metallodendrimersChong, SHF; Lam, SCF; Yam, VWW; Zhu, N; Cheung, KK; Fathallah, S; Costuas, K; Halet, JF2004117
Synthesis, electrochemistry and structural characterization of luminescent rhenium(I) monoynyl complexes and their homo- and hetero-metallic binuclear complexesYam, VWW; Wong, KMC; Chong, SHF; Lau, VCY; Lam, SCF; Zhang, L; Cheung, KK2003183
Electroswitchable Photoluminescence Activity: Synthesis, Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry, Photophysics, and X-ray Crystal and Electronic Structures of [Re(bpy)(CO)3(C≡C-C6H4-C≡C)Fe(C5Me5)(dppe)][PF6]n (n = 0, 1)Wong, KMC; Lam, SCF; Ko, CC; Zhu, N; Yam, VWW; Roué, S; Lapinte, C; Fathallah, S; Costuas, K; Kahlal, S; Halet, JF200393
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