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Structural basis of FliG-FliM interaction in Helicobacter pylori.Lam, KH; Lam, WWL; Wong, JYK; Chan, LC; Kotaka, M; Ling, TKW; Jin, D; Ottermann, KM; Au, SWN201334
The growth pattern and fuel life cycle analysis of the electricity consumption of Hong KongTo, WM; Lai, TM; Lo, WC; Lam, KH; Chung, WL2012135
The application of dynamic modelling techniques to the grid-connected PV (photovoltaic) systemsLam, KH; Lai, TM; Lo, WC; To, WM2012111
The causal relationship between electricity consumption and economic growth in a Gaming and Tourism Center: The case of Macao SAR, the People’s Republic of ChinaLai, TM; To, WM; Lo, WC; Choy, YS; Lam, KH201164
A mechanistic study on the photodegradation of Irgarol-1051 in natural seawaterLam, KH; Lei, NY; Tsang, VWH; Cai, Z; Leung, KMY; Lam, MHW2009182
Intelligent integration of BIPV and load management systems for modern buildingsLam, KH; Lee, WK; Lo, EWC; Lai, TM2009157
Integration of BIPV systems and load managementLam, KH; Lee, WK; Lo, EWC; Lai, TM2009214
PV-powered biological wastewater treatment for urban & rural applicationsClose, J; Ip, J; Leung, KMY; Bao, VWW; Lam, KH200766
Removal of phosphate from water by a highly selective La(III)-chelex resinWu, RSS; Lam, KH; Lee, JMN; Lau, TC2007492
A study of the partitioning behavior of Irgarol-1051 and its transformation productsLam, KH; Wai, HY; Leung, KMY; Tsang, VWH; Tang, CF; Cheung, RYH; Lam, MHW200656
Efficiency and degradation of a copper indium diselenide photovoltaic module and yearly output at a sunny site in JordanDurisch, Wilhelm; Lam, KH; Close, J2006104
A study of the partitioning behaviours of Irgarol-1051 and its degradation productsLam, KH; Tang, CF; Leung, KMY; Tsang, VWH; Cheung, RYH; Lam, MHW2006113
Radial clearance in resection of hypopharyngeal cancer: An independent prognostic factorHo, CM; Ng, WF; Lam, KH; Wei, WI; Yuen, APW2002101
Open Vertical Mobile 0.22T MRI System for Veterinary/Human Extremities ImagingChan, KC; Yeung, SM; Wong, KKK; Leung, CT; Wu, EX; Shen, GG; Dong, ZR; Lam, KH; Watkins, KL; Yang, ES; Ma, Q2001101
Surgical resection of hypopharyngeal cancerHo, CM; Wei, WI; Lam, KH; Yuen, APW200187
Mandibular invasion in carcinoma of the lower alveolusLam, KH; Lam, LK; Ho, CM; Wei, WI1999216
Submucosal tumor extension in hypopharyngeal cancerHo, CM; Ng, WF; Lam, KH; Wei, WI; Yuen, APW1997108
Present status of pharyngogastric anastomosis following pharyngo-laryngo-oesophagectomyWei, WI; Ho, CM; Yuen, PW; Fung, CF; Sham, JST; Lam, KH199695
Results of surgical treatment of advanced laryngeal carcinoma: pattern of failureYuen, PW; Wei, WI; Ho, CM; Lam, KH199595
Thyroidectomy during laryngectomy for advanced laryngeal carcinoma - Whole organ section study with long-term functional evaluationYuen, APW; Wei, WI; Lam, KH; Ho, CM1995126
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