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Fully automatable multidimensional liquid chromatography system for shotgun proteomicsZHAO, Y; LAW, CH; KONG, PW; LI, G; Lam, HC; Neo, J; Lee, SMY; Ma, CY; Chu, IK201330
Welded aluminum alloy plate girders subjected to shear forceZhou, F; Young, B; Lam, HC2012207
Protein tyrosine phosphatase non-receptor 21 (PTPN21) contributes to Elk-1 dependent NRG3 transcription in mice cortical neuron modelLam, HC; Siu, KL; Chau, WH; Ng, MH; Ng, GCT; Jin, D; Song, Y201276
Fully automatable two-dimensional hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography-reversed phase liquid chromatography with online tandem mass spectrometry for shotgun proteomicsZhao, Y; Kong, RPW; Li, G; Lam, MPY; Law, CH; Lee, SMY; Lam, HC; Chu, IK2012122
Web 2.0 divide among naughty insiders, worried outsiders, and invisible monitors: A case studyYu, M; Yuen, AHK; Park, J; Lam, HC; Lau, KK; Lau, W2011120
Functional characterisation reveals PTPN21 as a positive mediator of NRG3, a potential risk factor in SchizophreniaLam, HC; Cherny, SS; Wong, EHM; Sham, PC; Jin, D; Song, Y201198
Elicitation of a pungent sensation does not implicate memory modulation in adolescents aged 14-16Suen, KC; Wong, YH; Yuen, CT; Lam, NH; Ho, HY; Lau, YT; Cheng, CK; Lam, HC; Tam, DHF; Lau, SP; Chang, RCC201092
Ptpn21, a Positive Mediator which Promotes ErbB4 and Suppresses Cell survivalLam, HC; Jin, D; Song, Y2009146
Immediate night-time sleep helps memory consolidation in adolescents aged 13-14Suen, KC; Cheung, TW; Li, LM; Lo, BCY; Lam, HC; Wong, YH; Yuen, CT; Chang, RCC200886
Variation Theory and the Space of Learning (變易理論與學習空間)Ki, WW; Tse, SK; Shum, MSK; Lam, HC2005454
Bringing Students' Learning Experience to Designing Instruction of Chinese CharactersLam, HC; Ki, WW; Chung, ALS; Dragonwise Team, .2004108
Designing learning objects that afford learners the experience of important variations in Chinese charactersLam, HC; Ki, WW; Chung, ALS; Ko, PY; Lai, ACY; Lai, SMS; Chou, PWY; Lau, ECC2004150
Development and Partnership (in Chinese)Ki, WW; Chung, ALS; Lam, HC; Ko, PY; Lau, ECC; Chou, CC; Lai, ACY; Lai, MS2004108
Structural awareness, variation theory and ICT supportKi, WW; Lam, HC; LingSung Chung, A; Tse, SK; Ko, PY; ChungChee Lau, E; WaiYi Chou, P; ChiYin Lai, A; MingSum Lai, S2003152
Using computerized network to support mother tongue education effectivelyTse, SK; Ki, WW; Shum, MSK; Lam, HC200397
電腦輔助中文識字課堂實例Chung, ALS; Ki, WW; Lam, HC2003157
An Observational Study on How Learners Go about Using an Online Database for Improving the Writing of ChineseLam, HC; Ki, WW2003103
Support Teaching in an Effective WayTse, SK; Ki, WW; Shum, MSK; Lam, HC200383
The Introduction of a Computerized Network to Support Educational Change in Hong KongKi, WW; Tse, SK; Shum, MSK; Lam, HC2003105
Teacher Empowerment and Minimalist DesignKi, WW; Chung, ALS; Lam, HC200377
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