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Draft genome sequence of the haloacid-degrading Burkholderia caribensis strain MBA4PAN, Y; Kong, KF; Tsang, JSH20142
Bioengineering of bacteria for removal of haloacidsTsang, JSH; Kong, KF201330
Enhanced degradation of haloacid by heterologous expression in related Burkholderia speciesSu, X; Deng, L; Kong, KF; Tsang, JSH201345
Transports of acetate and haloacetate in Burkholderia species MBA4 are operated by distinct systemsSu, X; Kong, KF; Tsang, JSH201256
An unusual S-adenosylmethionine synthetase gene from dinoflagellate is methylatedHo, P; Kong, KF; Chan, YH; Tsang, JSH; Wong, JTY2007242
The haloacid dehalogenase gene of Burkholderia cepacia MBA4 is regulated both negatively and positivelyTsang, JSH; Chu, YY; Kong, KF2006105
H5N1 influenza viruses isolated from geese in southeastern China: Evidence for genetic reassortment and interspecies transmission to ducksGuan, Y; Peiris, M; Kong, KF; Dyrting, KC; Ellis, TM; Sit, T; Zhang, LJ; Shortridge, KF2002144
Nucleotide sequences of genomic clones (Accession nos. AJ247090, AJ247195 and AJ247196) encoding a type-2 metallothionein-like protein from water hyacinthKong, KF; Tsang, JSH1999465
Extraction of heavy metals - a molecular biology approachKong, KF; Tsang, JSH1998127
Nucleotide sequences of cDNAs (Accession Nos. AJ010160, AJ010161 and AJ010162) encoding a Type-2 metallothionein-like protein from water hyacinthKong, KF; Tsang, JSH1998476
Unreamed femoral nailing in the treatment of femoral shaft fracturesKong, KF; Leung, F; Chow, SP199777
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