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Urban renewal in Hong Kong: a community aspiration studyHo, DCW; Yau, Y; Poon, SW; Law, CK; Chui, EWT; Wong, YC; Lee, KM; Ko, LSF; Yip, HK; Kwan, AKH; Wong, KHY2011865
Poverty and social exclusion of the elderlyChui, EWT; Ko, LSF2010106
Elderly poverty and old age pension reforms in Hong Kong: issues and prospectsChui, EWT; Ko, LSF2010185
More or Less ? Welfare provision amidst economic downturn - the Hong Kong experience.Chui, EWT; Ko, LSF2009127
Unbalanced Development: The Plight of the Elderly in a Chinese City – Hong Kong: a case to answer (with Ko, L.).Chui, EWT; Ko, LSF200795
Elderly service in Hong Kong.Chui, EWT; Ko, LSF2007106
Self-rated economic condition and the health of elderly persons in Hong KongCheng, YH; Chi, I; Boey, KW; Ko, LSF; Chou, KL2002304
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