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Communication in healthcare settings: Interactional perspectives from AsiaZayts, OA; Kang, MA2010111
Information delivery in prenatal genetic counseling: On the role of initial inquiriesZayts, OA; Kang, MA2010137
'Early decisions' in prenatal genetic counselling sessions: negotiating the accomplishment of informed choiceKang, MA; Zayts, OA2010125
Patient participation within a globalised patient population: Interactional difficulties in a prenatal counseling context in Hong KongKang, MA; Zayts, OA2010151
Interactional difficulties as a resource for patient participation in a prenatal counseling setting in Hong KongKang, MA; Zayts, OA201084
Influence of socio-psychological categories in bilingual interactionKang, MA200953
"So, what test do you prefer?" Negotiating politic behaviour in an L2 prenatal genetic counselling setting in Hong KongZayts, O; Kang, MA200945
對產前遺傳輔導知情選擇過程的話語分析Zayts, OA; Kang, MA; Zhang, W2009137
Preliminary Enquiries in Non-native Interactions in Prenatal Genetic Counselling: A Conversation Analytic PerspectiveZayts, OA; Kang, MA200875
Informed Choice in Prenatal Genetic Counseling SessionsZayts, OA; Kang, MA200865
'So, what test do you prefer?' Negotiating politic behavior in an L2 prenatal genetic counselling context in Hong KongZayts, OA; Kang, MA2008129
Challenges For Communicating With A Globalised Patient Population: A Look At Prenatal Counseling In Hong KongKang, MA; Zayts, OA2008114
Patient-centered prenatal genetic counseling: patient compliance with informed choiceZayts, OA; Kang, MA200786
English as a lingua franca in prenatal genetic counseling in Hong KongZayts, OA; Kang, MA200766
Two Ways of Articulating Heterogeneity in Korean American Narratives of Ethnic IdentityKang, MA; Lo, A2004269
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