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Walkable area within which destinations matter: Differences between Australian and Japanese cities.Sugiyama, T; Inoue, S; Cerin, E; Shimomitsu, T; Owen, N201325
Neighborhood Environments and Physical Activity Among Adults in 11 CountriesSallis, JF; Bowles, HR; Bauman, A; Ainsworth, BE; Bull, FC; Craig, CL; Sjöström, M; De Bourdeaudhuij, I; Lefevre, J; Matsudo, V; Matsudo, S; Macfarlane, DJ; Gomez, LF; Inoue, S; Murase, N; Volbekiene, V; Mclean, G; Carr, H; Heggebo, LK; Tomten, H; Bergman, P2009102
Effects of tributyltin on the energy metabolism of pen shell (Atrina pectinata japonica)Inoue, S; Oshima, Y; Abe, Si; Wu, RSS; Kai, N; Honjo, T2007173
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