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Effects of static magnetic fields on bone formation in rat osteoblast culturesYamamoto, Y; Ohsaki, Y; Goto, T; Nakasima, A; Iijima, T2003106
Asian multicenter trials on urinary type IV collagen in patients with diabetic nephropathyTomino, Y; Suzuki, S; Azushima, C; Shou, I; Iijima, T; Yagame, M; Wang, LN; Chen, HC; Lai, KN; Tan, SY; Kim, MJ2001125
A scanning electron microscopic study of the contraction of vascular wall cells in dog dental pulp.Iijima, T; Zhang, JQ; Goto, T; Kondo, T; Tanaka, T199160
Scanning electron microscopy of vascular wall cells in the dog dental pulpIijima, T; Goto, T; Zhang, JQ; Ayasaka, N; Kondo, T; Tanaka, T199068
A cytochemical study of lysosomal system in rat junctional epithelium after intravenous horseradish peroxidase injectionAyasaka, N; Iijima, T; Kondo, T; Goto, T; Tanaka, T198971
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