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Low-diversity fungal assemblage in an Antarctic Dry Valleys soilRao, S; Chan, Y; Lacap, DC; Hyde, KD; Pointing, SB; Farrell, RL2012286
Phylogenetic and morphological assessment of two new species of Amniculicola and their allies (Pleosporales)Zhang, Y; Fournier, J; Crous, PW; Pointing, SB; Hyde, KD200974
Diversity and abundance of nematode-trapping fungi from decaying litter in terrestrial, freshwater and mangrove habitatsSwe, A; Jeewon, R; Pointing, SB; Hyde, KD200989
A class-wide phylogenetic assessment of DothideomycetesSchoch, CL; Crous, PW; Groenewald, JZ; Boehm, EWA; Burgess, TI; De Gruyter, J; De Hoog, GS; Dixon, LJ; Grube, M; Gueidan, C; Harada, Y; Hatakeyama, S; Hirayama, K; Hosoya, T; Huhndorf, SM; Hyde, KD; Jones, EBG; Kohlmeyer, J; Kruys, Å; Li, YM; Lücking, R; Lumbsch, HT; Marvanová, L; Mbatchou, JS; Mcvay, AH; Miller, AN; Mugambi, GK; Muggia, L; Nelsen, MP; Nelson, P; Owensby, CA; Phillips, AJL; Phongpaichit, S; Pointing, SB; PujadeRenaud, V; Raja, HA; Plata, ER; Robbertse, B; Ruibal, C; Sakayaroj, J; Sano, T; Selbmann, L; Shearer, CA; Shirouzu, T; Slippers, B; Suetrong, S; Tanaka, K; VolkmannKohlmeyer, B; Wingfield, MJ; Wood, AR; Woudenberg, JHC; Yonezawa, H; Zhang, Y; Spatafora, JW200991
Molecular phylogenetic identification of endophytic fungi isolated from three Artemisia speciesHuang, WY; Cai, Y; Surveswaran, S; Hyde, KD; Corke, H; Sun, M2009884
Multi-locus phylogeny of Pleosporales: A taxonomic, ecological and evolutionary re-evaluationZhang, Y; Schoch, CL; Fournier, J; Crous, PW; De Gruyter, J; Woudenberg, JHC; Hirayama, K; Tanaka, K; Pointing, SB; Spatafora, JW; Hyde, KD200958
Are Melanomma pulvis-pyrius and Trematosphaeria pertusa congeneric?Zhang, Y; Fournier, J; Pointing, SB; Hyde, KD200880
Biodiversity of endophytic fungi associated with 29 traditional Chinese medicinal plantsHuang, WY; Cai, YZ; Hyde, KD; Corke, H; Sun, M2008936
Taxonomy and molecular phylogeny of Arthrobotrys mangrovispora, a new marine nematode-trapping fungal speciesSwe, A; Jeewon, R; Pointing, SB; Hyde, KD200889
Endophytic fungi from Nerium oleander L (Apocynaceae): Main constituents and antioxidant activityHuang, WY; Cai, YZ; Hyde, KD; Corke, H; Sun, M2007977
Young, A.M. (2005). A field guide to the fungi of Australia: Book reviewsGrand, E; Hyde, KD2006287
The family Pleosporaceae: intergeneric relationships and phylogenetic perspectives based on sequence analyses of partial 28S rDNAKodsueb, R; Vijaykrishna, D; Aptroot, A; Lumyong, S; Mckenzie, EHC; Hyde, KD; Jeewon, R2006324
Immunomodulatory compounds from Pestalotiopsis leucothës, an endophytic fungus from Tripterygium wilfordiiKumar, DSS; Lau, CS; Wan, JMF; Yang, D; Hyde, KD200593
Screening of basidiomycetes and xylariaceous fungi for lignin peroxidase and laccase gene-specific sequencesPointing, SB; Pelling, AL; Smith, GJD; Hyde, KD; Reddy, CA2005212
Phylogeny of Rosellinia capetribulensis sp. nov. and its allies (Xylariaceae)Bahl, J; Jeewon, R; Hyde, KD2005323
Molecular and morphological characterization of Pyricularia and allied generaBussaban, B; Lumyong, S; Lumyong, P; Seelanan, T; Park, DC; McKenzie, EHC; Hyde, KD2005302
Phylogenetics and evolution of nematode-trapping fungi (Orbiliales) estimated from nuclear and protein coding genesLi, Y; Hyde, KD; Jeewon, R; Cai, L; Vijaykrishna , D; Zhang, K2005586
Endosporoideus gen. nov., a mitosporic fungus on Phoenix hanceanaHo, WH; Yanna,; Hyde, KD; Goh, TK2005257
Succession of microfungal communities on decaying leaves of Castanopsis fissaTang, AM; Jeewon, R; Hyde, KD2005394
In vitro studies of endophytic fungi from Tripterygium wilfordii with anti-proliferative activity on human peripheral blood mononuclear cellsKumar, DSS; Cheung, HY; Lau, CS; Chen, F; Hyde, KD2004255
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