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Detection of colorectal adenoma by narrow band imaging (HQ190) vs high-definition white light colonoscopy: A randomized controlled trial
American Journal of Gastroenterology
Nature Publishing Group. The Journal's web site is located at
Leung, WK; Lo, OSH; Liu, KS; Tong, T; But, DY; Lam, FY; Hsu, AS; Wong, SY; Seto, WWK; Hung, IF; Law, WL201429
Correlation of Liver Dysfunction And Disease Activity In Patients With Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome
9th Medical Research Conference, Medical Science Group, The University of Hong Kong
Ho, JCM; Wong, RWM; Ooi, CGC; Mok, TY; Hung, IF; Ng, W; Lam, YM; Tam, WO; Wong, PC; Ho, PL; Lai, CL; Lam, WK; Lam, SK; Tsang, KWT2004229
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