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An update on the epidemiology of childhood diabetes in Hong KongHuen, KF; Low, LCK; Cheung, PT; Wong, GWK; But, WM; Kwan, EYW; Lam, YY; Lee, CY; Wong, LM; Ng, KL; Cheng, AWF; Tong, CT; Wong, WHS2009286
Novel mutation, c.1234delA, in the DAX1 gene in congenital adrenal hypoplasiaLam, CW; Cheng, AWF; Poon, WT; Yuen, YP; Huen, KF200657
Management of child abuse in Hong Kong: Results of a territory-wide interhospital prospective surveillance studyTsang, A; Kwan, E; Yu, CM; Tai, SM; Ip, P; Cheung, P; Ho, L; Tse, W; Ho, S; But, B; Lee, WH; Cherk, SWW; Leung, LCK; Ho, CS; Tse, PWT; Chan, JYC; Cheng, PS; Wong, HL; Yau, FT; Tong, CT; Lee, KP; Yam, KL; Lee, LP; Cheng, A; Huen, KF; Mak, WC; Chan, KC; Tsui, KW; Wong, TW; Lee, ACW; Ou, Y; So, KT2003190
A follow-up study of adherence and glycemic control among Hong Kong youths with diabetesStewart, SM; Lee, PWH; Waller, D; Hughes, CW; Low, LCK; Kennard, BD; Cheng, A; Huen, KF2003122
Association of Foetal and Early Postnatal Growth with Glucose Tolerance in Adult LifeLow, LCK; Huen, KF; Cheung, YB; Karlberg, JPE200172
Pathways from emotional adjustment to glycemic control in youths with diabetes in Hong KongStewart, SM; Lee, PWH; Low, LCK; Cheng, A; Yeung, W; Huen, KF; O'Donnell, D2000116
Epidemiology of diabetes mellitus in children in Hong Kong: The Hong Kong childhood diabetes registerHuen, KF; Low, LCK; Wong, GWK; Tse, WWY; Yu, ACM; Lam, YY; Cheung, PCH; Wong, LM; Yeung, WKY; But, BWM; Cheung, PT; Kwan, EYW; Karlberg, JPE; Lee, C2000146
Umbilical cord blood transplantation for Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome (mucopolysaccharidosis type VI)Lee, V; Li, CK; Shing, MMK; Chik, KW; Lam, CW; Tsang, KS; Pong, H; Huen, KF; Yuen, PMP200073
Use of oral valaciclovir in a 12-year-old boy with herpes simplex encephalitisChan, PKS; Chow, PC; Peiris, JSM; Mak, AWC; Huen, KF2000243
Epidemiology of diabetes mellitus in children in Hong Kong - the Hong Kong childhood diabetes registerBut, BWM; Cheung, KO; Cheung, PCH; Cheung, PT; Huen, KF; Karlberg, JPE; Kwan, EYW; Lam, KSL; Lam, YY; Lee, C; Low, LCK; Tan, K; Tse, WWY; Tin, SC; Wong, GWK; Wong, LM; Yeung, WKY; Yu, ACM1998173
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