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A pilot study of pre-operative misoprostol in reducing operative blood loss during hysterectomyChai, J; Hon, E; Li, CF; Pun, TC; Yeung, SB; Ho, PC2011213
Actinomyces hongkongensis sp. nov. A Novel Actinomyces species Isolated from a Patient with Pelvic ActinomycosisWoo, PCY; Fung, AMY; Lau, SKP; Teng, JLL; Wong, BHL; Wong, MKM; Hon, E; Tang, GWK; Yuen, KY2003106
Diagnosis of pelvic actinomycosis by 16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencing and its clinical significanceWoo, PCY; Fung, AMY; Lau, SKP; Hon, E; Yuen, KY200283
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