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Synchronization Conditions for Multiagent Systems with Intrinsic Nonlinear DynamicsHan, D; Chesi, G201332
Robust Consensus for a Class of Uncertain Multi-Agent Dynamical SystemsHan, D; Chesi, G; Hung, YS201335
Robust discrete-time consensus of multi-agent systems with uncertain interactionHan, D; Chesi, G201234
Synchronization seeking in multi-agent dynamic systems with communication uncertaintiesHan, D; Chesi, G; Hung, YS201179
The effect of salvianolic acid B combined with laminar shear stress on TNF-α-stimulated adhesion molecule expression in human aortic endothelial cellsXie, LX; Durairajan, SSK; Lu, JH; Liu, CL; Kum, WF; Wang, Y; Koo, I; Wu, WK; Han, D; Lao, F; Huang, JD; Li, M2010114
Principal invariants and inherent parameters of diffusion kurtosis tensorsQi, L; Han, D; Wu, EX2009609
Extreme diffusion values for non-Gaussian diffusionsHan, D; Qi, L; Wu, EX2008210
Research on identifiability of equivalent motor in composite load modelMa, J; Han, D; He, R; Dong, Z; Hill, DJ200751
Functional analysis of naturally occurring mutations in the open reading frame of CCR5 in HIV-infected Chinese patients and healthy controlsZhao, XY; Lee, SS; Wong, KH; Chan, KCW; Ng, F; Chan, CCS; Han, D; Yam, WC; Yuen, KY; Ng, MH; Zheng, BJ2005144
Development of Test Materials for Assessment of Speech Reception Thresholds, and Effect of Soundfield and Language Experience on Speech Understanding [Abstract]Wong, LLN; Soli, S.D; Liu, S; Han, N; Guo, L; Lu, J; Ji, C; Han, D; Mo, L; Yan, W2004110
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