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Nerve-targeted desensitizing toothpastes occlude dentin tubules and induce mineral precipitationWang, Z; Jiang, T; Sauro, S; Wang, Y; Xing, W; Liang, S; Sa, Y; Zhang, C; Shen, Y; Haapasalo, M2012156
Efficacy of proTaper universal rotary retreatment system for gutta-percha removal from oval root canals: a micro-computed tomography studyMa, J; Al-Ashaw, AJ; Shen, Y; Yuan, G; Yang, Y; Zhang, C; Haapasalo, M201270
Role of polymorphonuclear neutrophils in the clearance of enterococcus faecalis derived from saliva and infected root canalsMa, Z; Wang, Y; Zhu, X; Zhang, C; Li, S; Jin, L; Shen, Y; Haapasalo, M2011211
Defects in Nickel-Titanium Instruments after Clinical Use. Part 4: An Electropolished InstrumentShen, Y; Winestock, E; Cheung, GSp; Haapasalo, M200965
Defects in Nickel-Titanium Instruments after Clinical Use. Part 2: Fractographic Analysis of Fractured Surface in a Cohort StudyShen, Y; Cheung, GSp; Peng, B; Haapasalo, M200967
Defects in Nickel-Titanium Instruments after Clinical Use. Part 1: Relationship between Observed Imperfections and Factors Leading to Such Defects in a Cohort StudyShen, Y; Haapasalo, M; Cheung, GSp; Peng, B200970
International Endodontic Journal: EditorialDummer, PMH; Abbott, P; Aesaert, G; Ahlquist, M; Atkin, P; Bailey, G; Baumann, M; Berggreen, E; Bergmans, L; Bjørndal, L; Bogaerts, P; Bolhuis, P; Briggs, P; Briseño, B; Camilleri, J; Canavan, D; Carrotte, P; Chadwick, B; Chandler, N; Cheung, G; Chong, BS; Cohen, D; Cole, B; Corbett, I; Corson, M; Cotti, E; De Bruyne, M; De Moor, R; Deery, C; Drage, N; Duckmanton, P; Elayouti, A; Emery, C; Endal, U; Estrela, C; Fairbrother, K; Figdor, D; Figueiredo, J; Fouad, A; Franklin, P; Fristad, I; German, M; Gilmour, A; Glickman, G; Gluskin, A; Gruythuysen, R; Gulabivala, K; Gutmann, J; Haapasalo, M; Haug, SR; Hayes, J; Heath, N; Horner, K; HørstedBlindslev, P; Hoskinson, T; Hülsmann, M; Ibbetson, R; Jacobsen, P; Kirkevang, LL; Kvist, T; Lambrechts, P; Lloyd, H; Locke, M; Löst, C; Love, R; Lumley, P; Machtou, P; Mannocci, F; Manogue, M; Mccabe, P; Mcconnell, R; Messer, H; Molander, A; Muthukrishnan, A; Myers, P; Nair, R; Nattress, B; Ng, YL; Okiji, T; Ørstavik, D; Parashos, P; Patel, S; Peters, C; Peters, L; Peters, O; Petersson, K; PittFord, H; Pitt Ford, T; Portenier, I; Preshaw, P; Qualtrough, A; Rees, J; Regan, J; Reichenmiller, K; Reit, C; Rhodes, J; Saunders, B; Saunders, E; Schäfer, E; Seccombe, G; Sedgley, C; Sen, B; Shearer, A; Sidhu, S; Sigurdsson, A; Sloan, A; Spratt, D; Stashenko, P; Suda, H; Tamse, A; Tay, F; Tjäderhane, L; Tziafas, D; Van Der Sluis, L; Velvart, P; Vertucci, F; Von Arx, T; Wade, W; Walker, WA; Walls, A; Walmsley, D; Waltimo, T; Waterhouse, P; Weiger, R; Welbury, R; Wesselink, P; Whitworth, J; Witherspoon, D; Wu, MK; Zehnder, M2008117
The surface proteinase of Treponema denticola may mediate attachment of the bacteria to epithelial cellsLeung, WK; Haapasalo, M; Uitto, VJ; Hannam, PM; McBride, BC1996263
Characterization, cloning, and binding properties of the major 53- kilodalton Treponema denticola surface antigenHaapasalo, M; Muller, KH; Uitto, VJ; Leung, WK; McBride, BC1992209
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