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Antitumor agents 294. Novel E-ring-modified camptothecin-4β-anilino- 4′-O-demethyl-epipodophyllotoxin conjugates as DNA topoisomerase i inhibitors and cytotoxic agentsYe, D; Shi, Q; Leung, CH; Kim, SW; Park, SY; Gullen, EA; Jiang, ZL; Zhu, H; MorrisNatschke, SL; Cheng, YC; Lee, KH201293
Role of Butyrate in Peptidoglycan-mediated Mucosal Immune Response: Regulation of Nucleotide-binding and Oligomerization Domain 2 (NOD2)Leung, CH; Lam, W; Gullen, EA; Cheng, YC2009101
Butyrate mediates nucleotide-binding and oligomerisation domain (NOD) 2-dependent mucosal immune responses against peptidoglycanLeung, CH; Lam, W; Ma, DL; Gullen, EA; Cheng, YC2009110
Structural analogs of tylophora alkaloids may not be functional analogsGao, W; Chen, APC; Leung, CH; Gullen, EA; Fürstner, A; Shi, Q; Wei, L; Lee, KH; Cheng, YC200886
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