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Control of cervical cancer: Women's options and rightsCain, JM; Ngan, H; Garland, S; Wright, T2009111
The need for public education on HPV and cervical cancer prevention in Asia. Opinions of experts at the AOGIN ConferenceGarland, S; Park, SN; Ngan, HYS; Frazer, I; Tay, EH; Chen, CJ; Bhatla, N; Pitts, M; Shin, HR; Konno, R; Smith, J; Pagliusi, S; Park, JS2008101
Clinical trial experience with prophylactic HPV 6/11/16/18 VLP vaccine in young women from the Asia-Pacific regionTay, EH; Garland, S; Tang, G; Nolan, T; Huang, LM; Orloski, L; Lu, S; Barr, E2008161
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