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Phase 1 safety and immunogenicity evaluation of ADMVA, a multigenic, modified vaccinia Ankara-HIV-1 B'/C candidate vaccineSandhya, V; Schlesinger, SJ; Chen, Z; Hurley, A; Lombardo, A; Than, S; Adesanya, P; Bunce, C; Boaz, M; Boyle, R; Sayeed, E; Clark, L; Dugin, D; Boente-Carrera, M; Schmidt, C; Fang, Q; LeiBa,; Huang, Y; Zaharatos, GJ; Gardiner, DF; Caskey, M; Seamons, L; Ho, M; Dally, L; Smith, C; Cox, J; Gill, D; Gilmour, J; Keefer, MC; Fast, P; Ho, DD2010184
Design, construction, and characterization of a dual-promoter multigenic DNA vaccine directed against an HIV-1 subtype C/B′ recombinantHuang, Y; Chen, Z; Zhang, W; Gurner, D; Song, Y; Gardiner, DF; Ho, DD200877
Multiple-site DNA vaccination enhances immune responses in miceGardiner, DF; Huang, Y; Basu, S; Leung, L; Song, Y; Chen, Z; Ho, DD200663
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