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Origin of PGE-Poor and Cu-Rich magmatic sulfides from the kalatongke deposit, Xinjiang, Northwest ChinaGao, JF; Zhou, MF; Lightfoot, PC; Wang, CY; Qi, L2012129
Heterogeneous mantle source and magma differentiation of quaternary arc-like volcanic rocks from Tengchong, SE margin of the Tibetan PlateauZhou, MF; Robinson, PT; Wang, CY; Zhao, JH; Yan, DP; Gao, JF; Malpas, J2012138
Heterogeneous Os isotope compositions in the Kalatongke sulfide deposit, NW China: the role of crustal contaminationGao, JF; Zhou, MF; Lightfoot, PC; Qu, W2012141
Late Paleoproterozoic to early Mesoproterozoic Dongchuan Group in Yunnan, SW China: Implications for tectonic evolution of the Yangtze BlockZhao, XF; Zhou, MF; Li, JW; Sun, M; Gao, JF; Sun, WH; Yang, JH2010602
Detrital zircon U-Pb geochronological and Lu-Hf isotopic constraints on the Precambrian magmatic and crustal evolution of the western Yangtze Block, SW ChinaSun, W; Zhou, MF; Gao, JF; Yang, YH; Zhao, X; Zhao, J2009389
Age and composition of granulite and pyroxenite xenoliths in Hannuoba basalts reflect Paleogene underplating beneath the North China CratonZheng, JP; Griffin, WL; Qi, L; O'reilly, SY; Sun, M; Zheng, S; Pearson, N; Gao, JF; Yu, CM; Su, YP; Tang, HY; Liu, QS; Wu, XL2009112
OIB-like, heterogeneous mantle sources of Permian basaltic magmatism in the western Tarim Basin, NW China: Implications for a possible Permian large igneous provinceZhou, MF; Zhao, JH; Jiang, CY; Gao, JF; Wang, W; Yang, SH2009155
The Pengguan tectonic dome of Longmen Mountains, Sichuan Province: Mesozoic denudation of a Neoproterozoic magmatic arc-basin systemYan, DP; Zhou, MF; Wei, GQ; Gao, JF; Liu, SF; Xu, P; Shi, XY2008230
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