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Bilateral blue noise samplingChen, JT; Ge, XY; Wei, LY; Wang, B; Wang, YS; Wang, HM; Fei, Y; Qian, KL; Yong, JH; Wang, WP201338
Adsorption of selected EDCs and antibiotics on marine sediment in relation to the sediment organic diagenesisFei, Y; Li, XY2010168
Sediment organic diagenesis and its impact on the adsorption of selected EDCs and antibiotics on marine sedimentFei, Y; Li, XY2010342
Presence of a paramagnetic phase well below the ferromagnetic onset in La0.67-xBixCa0.33MnO3Sun, JR; Shen, BG; Gao, J; Fei, Y; Nie, YP2003311
Doping effects on the phase separation in perovskite La0.67-xBixCa0.33MnO3Sun, JR; Gao, J; Fei, Y; Li, RW; Shen, BG2003377
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