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An essential role for β1 integrin mediated cell-matrix interactions in the development and maintenance of the nucleus pulposus
Global Spine Journal
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Guo, S; Au, SYK; Wynn, S; Chan, D; Aszodi, A; Fassler, R; Cheah, KSE2012125
Lack of β1 integrin in the developing mouse notochord results in hemivertebrae
Annual Meeting for the Japanese Society for Developmental Biologists, JSDB 2011
Cheah, K; Guo, S; Wynn, S; Au, YK; Aszodi, A; Fassler, R; Chan, D2011121
Lack of beta1 integrin results in hemivertebrae development in mice
Functional Genomics - Next Generation Applicaitons and Technologies 2011
Guo, S; Wynn, SL; Au, TYK; Chan, D; Aszodi, A; Fassler, R; Cheah, K2011115
The role of Cell-matrix interactions mediated by β1 integrin in notochord development and functionGuo, S; Wynn, S.L; Au, YK; Chan, D; Fassler, R; Cheah, KSE2009132
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