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Late Ordovician to early Devonian adakites and Nb-enriched basalts in the Liuyuan area, Beishan, NW China: Implications for early Paleozoic slab-melting and crustal growth in the southern Altaids
Gondwana Research
Elsevier BV. The Journal's web site is located at
Mao, Q; Xiao, W; Fang, T; Wang, J; Han, C; Sun, M; Yuan, C2012323
Attractiveness of leg length: Report from 27 nations
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
Sage Publications, Inc. The Journal's web site is located at
Sorokowski, P; Szmajke, A; Sorokowska, A; Cunen, MB; Fabrykant, M; Zarafshani, K; Amiri, M; Bazzazian, S; BlazevskaStoilkovska, B; Casellas, V; Cetinkaya, H; Coutino, BL; Chavez, M; Cheng, C; Cristea, I; David, D; Dural, S; DziȩcioŁ, A; Fauzee, S; Frichand, A; Gulbetekin, E; Hromatko, I; Javahishvili, T; Jgenti, A; Kartasasmita, S; Moradi, K; Musil, B; Nongmaithem, S; Oladipo, E; Oluyinka, O; Patil, K; Schell, W; Serpekian, H; Slavchev, B; Stoyanova, S; Tadinac, M; Tripathi, N; Fang, T2011397
The study of Early-Paleozoic peraluminous granite (SP) and its tectonic significance in the Xingxingxia suture zone, eastern Tianshan Mountains, Xinjiang, northwest China
Scientia Geologica Sinica
Mao, Q; Xiao, W; Han, C; Fang, T; Sun, M; Yuan, C2010209
A simple device of generating glow discharge plasma in atmospheric pressure argon
Applied Physics Letters
American Institute of Physics. The Journal's web site is located at
Li, X; Dong, L; Zhao, N; Yin, Z; Fang, T; Wang, L2007164
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