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Amplification of CFTR exon 9 sequences to multiple locations in the human genomeRozmahel, R; Heng, HHQ; Duncan, AMV; Shi, XM; Rommens, JM; Tsui, LC1997268
Chromosomal localization of the human gene encoding the 51-kDa subunit of mitochondrial complex I (NDUFV1) to 11q13Ali, ST; Duncan, AMV; Schappert, K; Heng, HHQ; Tsui, L-C; Chow, W; Robinson, BH1993320
In situ hybridization of two cloned chromosome 7 sequences tightly linked to the cystic fibrosis locusDuncan, AMV; Buchwald, M; Tsui, LC1988188
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