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A fascinating journey into history: Exploration of the world of isonitriles en route to complex amidesWilson, RM; Stockdill, JL; Wu, X; Li, X; Vadola, PA; Park, PK; Wang, P; Danishefsky, SJ2012124
Encouraging progress in the ω-aspartylation of complex oligosaccharides as a general route to β-N-linked glycopolypeptidesWang, P; Li, X; Zhu, J; Chen, J; Yuan, Y; Wu, X; Danishefsky, SJ201196
Toward fully synthetic homogeneous β -human Follicle-Stimulating hormone (β -hFSH) with a biantennary N-linked dodecasaccharide. synthesis of β -hFSH with chitobiose units at the natural linkage sitesNagorny, P; Fasching, B; Li, X; Chen, G; Aussedat, B; Danishefsky, SJ200972
Thio-mediated synthesis of derivatized N-linked glycopeptides using isonitrile chemistryWu, X; Yuan, Y; Li, X; Danishefsky, SJ200968
Thio-mediated two-component coupling reaction of carboxylic acids and isonitriles under mild conditionsWu, X; Li, X; Danishefsky, SJ200948
Thio FCMA intermediates as strong acyl donors: A general solution to the formation of complex amide bondsRao, Y; Li, X; Danishefsky, SJ200959
Preparation and reactions of N-thioformyl peptides from amino thioacids and isonitrilesYuan, Y; Zhu, J; Li, X; Wu, X; Danishefsky, SJ200955
A simple method for the conversion of carboxylic acids into thioacids with Lawesson's reagentRao, Y; Li, X; Nagorny, P; Hayashida, J; Danishefsky, SJ200992
New chemistry with old functional groups: On the reaction of isonitriles with carboxylic acids - A route to various amide typesLi, X; Danishefsky, SJ200857
The coupling of isonitriles and carboxylic acids occurring by sequential concerted rearrangement mechanismsJones, GO; Li, X; Hayden, AE; Houk, KN; Danishefsky, SJ200849
Noncatalytic reaction of isonitriles and carboxylic acids en route to amide-type linkages.Li, X; Danishefsky, SJ200865
Addressing mechanistic issues in the coupling of isonitriles and carboxylic acids: Potential routes to peptidic constructsLi, X; Yuan, Y; Kan, C; Danishefsky, SJ200841
On the two-component microwave-mediated reaction of isonitriles with carboxylic acids: Regarding alleged formimidate carboxylate mixed anhydridesLi, X; Yuan, Y; Berkowitz, WF; Todaro, LJ; Danishefsky, SJ200856
Erratum: Explorations in Organic Chemistry Leading to the Total Synthesis of (±)-Gelsemine (Journal of the American Chemical Society (2002) 124 (9812-9824))Ng, FW; Lin, H; Chiu, P; Danishefsky, SJ200392
Toward a potential total synthesis of gelsemine: A regioselective hydroboration directed by a remote olefinNg, F; Chiu, P; Danishefsky, SJ199882
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