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A moment-matching scheme for the passivity-preserving model order reduction of indefinite descriptor systems with possible polynomial partsZhang, Z; Wang, Q; Wong, N; Daniel, L2011117
Patterns of ambulatory care utilization in Hong Kong: a longitudinal study (Abstract)Johnston, J; Daniel, L; Hedley, AJ; Ong, SG; Fung, H199591
Ambulatory care audit: feasibility in Hong Kong (Abstract)Johnston, J; Daniel, L; Hedley, AJ; Ong, SG; Fung, H199573
Doctor-shopping in Hong Kong: Implications for quality of careLo, AY; Hedley, AJ; Pei, GK; Ong, SG; Ho, LM; Fielding, R; Cheng, KK; Daniel, L1994255
Studies on the respiratory health of primary school children in urban communities of Hong KongOng, SG; Liu, J; Wong, CM; Lam, TH; Tam, AYC; Daniel, L; Hedley, AJ199168
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