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Predicting Mortality in Patients With Bleeding Peptic Ulcers After Therapeutic EndoscopyChiu, PWY; Ng, EKW; Cheung, FKY; Chan, FKL; Leung, WK; Wu, JCY; Wong, VWS; Yung, MY; Tsoi, K; Lau, JYW; Sung, JJY; Chung, SSC2009116
Cost-effectiveness analysis of high-dose omeprazole infusion as adjuvant therapy to endoscopic treatment of bleeding peptic ulcerLee, KKC; You, JHS; Wong, ICK; Kwong, SKS; Lau, JYW; Chan, TYK; Lau, JTF; Leung, WYS; Sung, JJY; Chung, SSC200393
Human metapneumovirus detection in patients with severe acute respiratory syndromeChan, PKS; Tam, JS; Lam, CW; Chan, E; Wu, A; Li, CK; Buckley, TA; Ng, KC; Joynt, GM; Cheng, FWT; To, KF; Lee, N; Hui, DSC; Cheung, JLK; Chu, I; Liu, E; Chung, SSC; Sung, JJY2003137
The role of early endoscopic follow up after simple closure of perforated duodenal ulcer: A prospective studyNg, EKW; Leung, WK; To, KF; Wong, SKH; Lai, PBS; Lau, WY; Sung, JJY; Chung, SSC2002100
The antimicrobial susceptibility of Helicobacter pylori in Hong Kong (1997-2001) [1]Ling, TKW; Leung, WK; Lee, CC; Ng, EKW; Yung, MY; Chung, SSC; Sung, JJY; Cheng, AFB200278
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