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The Emeishan large igneous province: Advances in the stratigraphic correlations and petrogenetic and metallogenic modelsShellnutt, JG; Zhou, MF; Chung, SL2010394
SUSTAINABLE RESIDENTIAL BUILDING DESIGN - THE SUSTAINABLE BIREATH APPROACH: Building Integrated Renewable Energies and sources, and optimal AIR quality Total Harvest APPROACH.Cheung, KP; Luk, CLP; Wong, ST; Chung, SL; Fung, KS; Leung, MF2007144
A Set of Three Heliodons Using Parallel Light Simulated with One Fresnel LensCheung, KP; Chung, SL; Yik, WY2003128
Heliodons For Architects' OfficesCheung, KP; Chung, SL2002164
Heliodons for urban planning and design for sunlight for megacitiesCheung, KP; Lau, SSY; Chung, SL2000131
A heavy duty universal sunlight heliodon assembled from precision machining toolsCheungt, KP; Chung, SL1999183
An elaboration on the design and operation principles of a heavy duty universal sunlight heliodon assembled from precision machining toolsCheung, KP; Chung, SL1999134
A 23-lamp helidonCheung, KP; Kam, HM; Chung, SL; Lam, CF1999172
A data reduction method for intrusion detectionLam, KY; Hui, L; Chung, SL199693
Multivariate data analysis software for enhancing system securityLam, KY; Hui, L; Chung, SL199579
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