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Binding of HIV-1 gp120 to DC-SIGN promotes ASK-1-dependent activation-induced apoptosis of human dendritic cellsChen, Y; Hwang, SY; Chan, VSF; Chung, PY; Wang, SR; Li, Z; Ma, J; Lin, CW; Hsieh, YJ; Chang, KP; Kung, SS; Wu, YC; Chu, CW; Tai, HT; Gao, GF; Zheng, B; Yokoyama, KK; Austyn, JM; Lin, CL201338
A 22-Amino Acid Synthetic Peptide Corresponding to the Second Extracellular Loop of Rat Occludin Perturbs the Blood-Testis Barrier and Disrupts Spermatogenesis Reversibly in VivoChung, PY; Mruk, DD; Mo, MY; Lee, WWM; Cheng, CY2001259
Is cadmium chloride-induced inter-Sertoli tight junction (TJ) disruption in vitro a model to study the events of junction disassembly during spermatogensis?Chung, PY; Lee, WWM; Cheng, CY200098
Antidotal mechanisms of hydroxyacetone and dihydroxyacetone in the treatment of acute acetonitrile poisoningChung, PY; Wong, EYK; Tom, WM2000109
Cloning and characterization of the mouse testin gene.Cheng, CK; Cheung, CH; Chung, PY; Lee, WWM1999100
Mouse testin gene: structural organization, tissue expression and analysis of its 5' regulatory sequenceCheng, CK; Cheung, CH; Chung, PY; Lee, WWM199989
Expression and regulation of tyrosine kinase receptors RSE, AXL, MER and their ligand, GAS6 in the testisChan, MCW; Chung, PY; Mather, JP; Lee, WWM1998182
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