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Unenhanced CT as the sole initial diagnostic investigation for acute renal colic patients: ureteric stone size and radiation risks consideration (Oral Presentation)Teoh, YCJ; Fu, KFK; Chu, F; Law, M; Law, W; Ho, KL; Yiu, MK201321
High-intensity focused ultrasound for hepatocellular carcinoma: A single-center experienceNg, KKC; Poon, RTP; Chan, SC; Chok, KSH; Cheung, TT; Tung, H; Chu, F; Tso, WK; Yu, WC; Lo, CM; Fan, ST2011422
Recurrent acute heart failure caused by sliding hiatus herniaSiu, CW; Jim, MH; Ho, HH; Chu, F; Chan, HW; Lau, CP; Tse, HF2005281
Developing work-based transferable skill for engineering studentsLo, VHY; Humphreys, PK; Chan, FTS; Chu, F; Duggan, G2000199
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