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Noise control by a tensioned membrane housingLiu, Y; Choy, YS; Huang, L; Cheng, L201220
Noise suppression of a dipole source by tensioned membrane with side-branch cavitiesLiu, Y; Choy, YS; Huang, L; Cheng, L201296
The causal relationship between electricity consumption and economic growth in a Gaming and Tourism Center: The case of Macao SAR, the People’s Republic of ChinaLai, TM; To, WM; Lo, WC; Choy, YS; Lam, KH201164
Multiple drumlike silencer for low frequency duct noise reflectionChoy, YS; Huang, L2009106
Sound propagation in and low frequency noise absorption by helium-filled porous materialChoy, YS; Huang, L; Wang, C2009251
An experimental study of flow induced vibration on a tensioned membraneChoy, YS; Huang, J; Huang, L; Zhou, Y2007144
Drum silencer optimized for NC-weighted insertion lossChoy, YS; Huang, L2007139
Nano-mechanics of bone and bioactive bone cement interfaces in a load-bearing modelNi, GX; Choy, YS; Lu, WW; Ngan, AHW; Chiu, KY; Li, ZY; Tang, B; Luk, KDK2006328
Vibroacoustics of three-dimensional drum silencerHuang, L; Choy, YS2005155
Effect of flow on the drumlike silencerChoy, YS; Huang, L200569
Measurement of in-duct acoustic properties by using a single microphone with fixed positionChoy, YS; Huang, L200481
Drum silencer with shallow cavity filled with heliumChoy, YS; Huang, L200374
Experimental studies of a drumlike silencerChoy, YS; Huang, L200261
Experimental study of sound propagation in a flexible ductHuang, L; Choy, YS; So, RMC; Chong, TL200075
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