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Density estimates on composite polynomialsCheung, WS; Ng, TW; TSANG, CY201317
Use of Web 2.0 technologies in K-12 and higher education: The search for evidence-based practiceHew, KF; Cheung, WS201321
Audio-based versus text-based asynchronous online discussion: Two case studiesHew, KF; Cheung, WS201319
Interaction in asynchronous discussion forums: Peer facilitation techniquesNg, CSL; Cheung, WS; Hew, KF201217
Citizenship education via an online peer discussion blended learning approach: Lessons learnedHew, KF; Cheung, WS201216
Use of Facebook: A case study of Singapore students' experienceHew, KF; Cheung, WS201218
Students' use of asynchronous voice discussion in a blended-learning environment: A study of two undergraduate classesHew, KF; Cheung, WS201218
Our journey from face-to-face to blended learning approach: Important lessons learnedCheung, WS; Hew, KF201226
Examining the use of asynchronous voice discussion in a blended-learning environmentHew, KF; Cheung, WS201219
Examining students' affective commitment toward country: A case study of a Singapore primary schoolHew, KF; Cheung, WS201112
Going beyond face-to-face classrooms: Examining student motivation to participate in online discussions through a self-determination theory perspectiveSim, WSJ; Cheung, WS; Hew, KF201119
Design and evaluation of two blended learning approaches: Lessons learnedCheung, WS; Hew, KF201111
Higher-level knowledge construction in asynchronous online discussions: An analysis of group size, duration of online discussion, and student facilitation techniquesHew, KF; Cheung, WS201122
In Vitro characterization of low modulus linoleic acid coated strontium-substituted hydroxyapatite containing PMMA bone cementLam, WM; Pan, HB; Fong, MK; Cheung, WS; Wong, KL; Li, ZY; Luk, KDK; Chan, WK; Wong, CT; Yang, C; Lu, WW2011300
Student facilitators' habits of mind and their influences on higher-level knowledge construction occurrences in online discussions: A case studyHew, KF; Cheung, WS201118
Using Web 2.0 technologies in K-12 school settings: Evidence-based practice?Hew, KF; Cheung, WS201112
The rural-urban divide in road safety: the case of ChinaLoo, BPY; Cheung, WS; Yao, S2011194
Student contribution in asynchronous online discussion: A review of the research and empirical explorationHew, KF; Cheung, WS; Ng, CSL201014
Use of three-dimensional (3-D) immersive virtual worlds in K-12 and higher education settings: A review of the researchHew, KF; Cheung, WS201070
Asynchronous online discussion: Instructor facilitation vs. peer facilitationCheung, WS; Hew, KF201013
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