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Increased risk of colorectal malignant neoplasm in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: a large case-control studyZheng, MH; Lin, XF; Shi, KQ; You, J; Liu, WY; Lup, YW; Wong, DKH; Yuen, RMF; Chen, YP201328
Integral equation method for analyzing Purcell effect in plasmonic systemChen, YP; Chew, WC; Sha, WEI; Choy, WCH; Jiang, L201248
Study on spontaneous emission in complex multilayered plasmonic system via surface integral equation approach with layered medium Green's functionChen, YP; Sha, WEI; Choy, WCH; Jiang, L; Chew, WC2012106
A new green's function formulation for modeling homogeneous objects in layered mediumChen, YP; Chew, WC; Jiang, L201251
A mixed-form thin-stratified medium fast-multipole algorithm for both low and mid-frequency problemsChen, YP; Xiong, JL; Chew, WC201132
Heterotrophs grown on the soluble microbial products (SMP) released by autotrophs are responsible for the nitrogen loss in nitrifying granular sludgeNi, BJ; Xie, WM; Chen, YP; Fang, F; Liu, SY; Ren, TT; Sheng, GP; Yu, HQ; Liu, G; Tian, YC2011118
A new closed-form evaluation of layered medium Green'S functionChen, YP; Chew, WC; Jiang, L201187
An augmented electric field integral equation for layered medium Green's functionChen, YP; Jiang, L; Qian, ZG; Chew, WC2011464
Modeling electrically small structures in layered medium with augmented EFIE methodChen, YP; Jiang, L; Qian, ZG; Chew, WC2011193
Optical design of organic solar cell with hybrid plasmonic systemSha, WEI; Choy, WCH; Chen, YP; Chew, WC2011736
A novel implementation of discrete complex image method for layered medium Green's functionChen, YP; Chew, WC; Jiang, L2011277
Review of multi-scale electromagnetic modelingChew, WC; Jiang, LJ; Chao, HY; Hesford, AJ; Li, MK; Qian, ZG; Liu, YG; Chen, YP; Ma, ZH; Sun, LE; Tong, MS; Davis, C; Sha, WEI2010140
Numerical analysis of electrically small structures embedded in a layered mediumChen, YP; Xiong, JL; Chew, WC; Nie, ZP200949
Simulation of structures situated in a layered medium at low frequenciesChen, YP; Xiong, JL; Chew, WC; Nie, ZP200823
Measurement of a round jet under random wavesChen, YP; Li, CW; Lee, JHW2003113
Rationale, design and organization of the Second Chinese Cardiac Study (CCS-2): A randomized trial of clopidogrel plus aspirin, and of metoprolol, among patients with suspected acute myocardial infarctionLiu, LS; Collins, R; Chen, ZM; Xie, JX; Jiang, LX; Wang, W; Pan, HC; Peto, R; Tao, SQ; Gong, LS; Hui, RT; Huang, TG; Zeng, DY; Chen, YZ; Liu, YH; Qian, TJ; Xu, CB; Dai, GZ; Feng, JZ; Cai, NS; Hu, DY; Huang, J; Li, TD; Li, YQ; Wang, LH; Yang, DC; Zhu, J; Zhu, DQ; Zhou, JC; Yang, XF; Cui, JJ; Jiang, BQ; Yin, JQ; San, J; Huang, DJ; Xi, WH; Fu, SY; Chen, YP; Gent, M; Sleight, P; Macmahon, S; Sandercock, P; Lam, TH; Kong, XL; Nie, QH; Schoepff, H; Boreham, J; Lin, YY; Chen, XQ; Xiao, GX; Xu, SY; Wang, JQ; Guo, XZ2000122
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