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Characterizing acupuncture de Qi in mild cognitive impairment: Relations with small-world efficiency of functional brain networksBai, L; Zhang, M; Chen, S; Ai, L; Xu, M; Wang, D; Wang, F; Liu, L; Wang, F; Lao, L201337
Actual microstructure-based numerical method for mesomechanics of concreteChen, S; Yue, QZQ; Kwan, AKH201354
11C-acetate and 18F-FDG PET/CT for clinical staging and selection of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma for liver transplantation on the basis of Milan Criteria: surgeon's perspectiveCheung, TT; Ho, CL; Lo, CM; Chen, S; Chan, SC; Chok, KSH; Fung, JYY; Chan, ACY; Sharr, WW; Yau, TCC; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST201364
Failure analysis of four-point-supported glass panels subjected to blast loadingWEI, Y; Chen, S; Au, FTK201358
Cell-specific detection of miR-375 downregulation for predicting the prognosis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma by miRNA in situ hybridizationLi, J; Li, X; Chen, L; Li, Y; Zhu, Y; Chen, S; Liu, H; Dai, Y; Chen, K; Liu, L; Zeng, T; Zhou, J; Li, F; Yang, H; Qin, YR; Guan, X201324
Reply: Underestimated role of 18F-FDG PET for HCC evaluation and promise of 18F-FDG PET/MR imaging in this settingCheung, TT; Ho, CL; Chen, S; Chan, SC; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST; Lo, CM201330
Laser-induced fusion of human embryonic stem cells with optical tweezersChen, S; Cheng, J; Kong, MCW; Wang, X; Cheng, SH; Li, RA; Sun, D201356
Identifying H1N1 influenza infection risk factors by using geographic information systemLai, PC; Wong, FHT; Chen, S201240
11C-acetate and 18F-FDG dual tracer PET scan with contrast CT provide the most accurate histopathology prediction in HCC patients - a study of explant histopathology in the model of liver transplantationCheung, TT; Chan, SC; Ho, CL; Chok, KSH; Chan, A; Fung, J; Chen, S; Poon, RT; Fan, ST; Lo, CM201267
Predicting emergency ambulance demand based on regional demographic differences: a feasibility studyWong, FHT; Lai, PC; Chen, S201252
[(18)F]fluoroacetate positron emission tomography for hepatocellular carcinoma and metastases: an alternative tracer for [(11)C]acetate?Ho, CL; Cheung, MK; Chen, S; Cheung, TT; Leung, YL; Cheng, KC; Yeung, WD2012139
Probing the mechanobiological properties of human embryonic stem cells in cardiac differentiation by optical tweezersTan, Y; Kong, CW; Chen, S; Cheng, SH; Li, RA; Sun, D2012159
Quantum transport through an array of quantum dotsChen, S; Xie, H; Zhang, Y; Cui, X; Chen, G201239
Modeling abnormal early development with induced pluripotent stem cells from aneuploid syndromesLi, W; Wang, X; Fan, W; Zhao, P; Chan, YC; Chen, S; Zhang, S; Guo, X; Zhang, Y; Li, Y; Cai, J; Qin, D; Li, X; Yang, J; Peng, T; Zychlinski, D; Hoffmann, D; Zhang, R; Deng, K; Ng, KM; Menten, B; Zhong, M; Wu, J; Li, Z; Chen, Y; Schambach, A; Tse, HF; Pei, D; Esteban, MA2012244
Rare inborn errors associated with chronic hepatitis B virus infectionZhao, Q; Peng, L; Huang, W; Li, Q; Pei, Y; Yuan, P; Zheng, L; Zhang, Y; Deng, J; Zhong, C; Hu, B; Ding, H; Fang, W; Li, R; Liao, Q; Lin, C; Deng, W; Yan, H; Hou, J; Wu, Q; Xu, T; Liu, J; Hu, L; Peng, T; Chen, S; Lai, KN; Yuen, MF; Wang, Y; Maini, MK; Li, C; Li, M; Wang, J; Zhang, X; Sham, PC; Wang, J; Gao, ZL; Wang, Y2012146
Utility of the trnH–psbA Intergenic Spacer Region and Its Combinations as Plant DNA Barcodes: A Meta-AnalysisPang, X; Liu, C; Shi, L; Liu, R; Liang, D; Li, H; Cherny, SS; Chen, S201267
Time-dependent quantum transport: An efficient method based on Liouville-von-Neumann equation for single-electron density matrixXie, H; Jiang, F; Tian, H; Zheng, X; Kwok, YH; Chen, S; Yam, CY; Yan, YJ; Chen, G201234
Early growth response protein-1 promoter-mediated synergistic antitumor effect of hTERTC27 gene therapy and 5-flurorouracil on nasopharyngeal carcinomaLin, G; Lin, MCM; Lin, S; Yao, H; Yu, S; Yi, W; Xu, G; Ng, SSM; Chen, S; Yu, J; Wang, X; Yang, B2012115
Truncated Rv2820c enhances mycobacterial virulence ex vivo and in vivoLam, JT; Yuen, KY; Ho, PL; Weng, XH; Zhang, WH; Chen, S; Yam, WC2011106
Risk factors for poor work functioning of persons with schizophrenia in rural ChinaRan, MS; Chen, S; Chen, EY; Ran, BY; Tang, CP; Lin, FR; Li, L; Li, SG; Mao, WJ; Hu, SH201146
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