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Assessment of median nerve mobility by ultrasound dynamic imaging in carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosisKuo, TT; Lee, MR; Liao, YY; Lee, W; Hsu, YW; Chen, JP; Yeh, CK201335
Preparation and evaluation of a magnetite-doped activated carbon fiber for enhanced arsenic removalZhang, S; Li, Xy; Chen, JP2010398
An XPS study for mechanisms of arsenate adsorption onto a magnetite-doped activated carbon fiberZhang, S; Li, Xy; Chen, JP2010554
Use of protein phosphatase inhibition assay to detect microcystins in Donghu Lake and a fish pond in ChinaXu, LH; Lam, PKS; Chen, JP; Xu, JM; Wong, BSF; Zhang, YY; Wu, RSS; Harada, KI2000150
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