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Synergising Functional and Environmental Planning for Mega-event Led Urban Renewals and Beyond: Lessons from the Expo 2010 Shanghai ChinaDeng, Y; Poon, SW; Chan, HW201413
Prevalence and Associated Comorbidities of Moderate to Severe Chronic Renal Impairment in Chinese Nursing Home Older AdultsChan, TC; Yap, DYH; Shea, YF; Luk, KH; Chan, HW; Chu, LW2012117
A study of the clinical and biochemical profile of peritoneal dialysis fluid low in glucose degradation productsLai, KN; Lam, MF; Leung, JCK; Chan, LYY; Lam, CWK; Chan, IHS; Chan, HW; Li, CS; Wong, SSH; Ho, YW; Cheuk, A; Tang, MKL; Tang, SCW201289
Dual coronary fistulas complicated with significant left to right heart shunt in an elderly patientYiu, KH; Lee, SW; Ho, HH; Chan, HW; Tse, HF201181
Type A aortic intramural hematoma: Clinical features and outcomes in Chinese patientsHo, HH; Cheung, CW; Jim, MH; Miu, KM; Siu, CW; Lam, YM; Chan, HW; Lee, WL; Tse, HF2011277
Long term clinical outcomes after deployment of femoral vascular closure devices in coronary angiography and percutaneous coronary interventionLee, SWL; Ho, HH; Kong, SL; Lam, YM; Siu, CW; Miu, KM; Lam, L; Chan, HW2010154
Survival from cardiovascular events as predicated by carotid (common carotid artery) intima-media thickness and Doppler values in ischaemic Chinese patients requiring coronary angiogrmLee, SWL; Lam, SCC; Kong, SL; Lam, YM; Hau, WKT; Hai, JSH; Chan, MPH; Chan, KKW; Lam, L; Chan, CWS; Cheung, RTF; Tse, HF; Chan, HW200994
Fluorophore-labeled β-lactamase as a biosensor for β-lactam antibiotics: A study of the biosensing processChan, PH; So, PK; Ma, DL; Zhao, Y; Lai, TS; Chung, WH; Chan, KC; Yiu, KF; Chan, HW; Siu, FM; Tsang, CW; Leung, YC; Wong, KY2008142
New-onset heart failure after permanent right ventricular apical pacing in patients with acquired high-grade atrioventricular block and normal left ventricular functionZhang, XH; Chen, H; Siu, CW; Yiu, KH; Chan, WS; Lee, KL; Chan, HW; Lee, SW; Fu, GS; Lau, CP; Tse, HF2008207
Polymorphisms in the IL-4, IL-4 receptor α chain, TNF-α, and lymphotoxin-α genes and risk of asthma in Hong Kong Chinese adultsMak, JCW; Ko, FWS; Chu, CM; Leung, HCM; Chan, HW; Cheung, AHK; Ip, MSM; ChanYeung, M200786
Public transport in Hong Kong: Does it help the poor?Wang, JJ; Chan, HW200785
Leukocytosis and clinical outcomes in acute inferior myocardial infarctionHo, HH; Jim, MH; Siu, CW; Miu, KM; Chan, HW; Lee, WL; Lau, CP; Tse, HF200791
Emerging trends of community acquired infective endocarditisYiu, KH; Siu, CW; Lee, KLF; Fong, YT; Chan, HW; Lee, SWL; Lau, CP; Tse, HF2007124
Cardiac resynchronization therapy optimization by ultrasonic cardiac output monitoring (USCOM) deviceSiu, CW; Tse, HF; Lee, K; Chan, HW; Chen, WH; Yung, C; Lee, S; Lau, CP2007137
The incremental benefit of rate-adaptive pacing on exercise performance during cardiac resynchronization therapyTse, HF; Siu, CW; Lee, KLF; Fan, K; Chan, HW; Tang, MO; Tsang, V; Lee, SWL; Lau, CP200593
Recurrent acute heart failure caused by sliding hiatus herniaSiu, CW; Jim, MH; Ho, HH; Chu, F; Chan, HW; Lau, CP; Tse, HF2005281
Incremental benefit of rate adaptive pacing onexercise performance during cardiac resynchronization therapy.Tse, HF; Siu, CW; Lee, KLF; Tang, MO; Tsang, VYC; Chan, HW; Lau, CP200570
Polymorphisms of CYP and GST genes, passive smoke and lung cancer risk in Hong Kong ChineseChan, MMW; Lam, WK; Mak, JCW; Ho, SP; Chan, HW; Tsang, KWT; Ip, MSM; Ho, JCM; Wong, MP; Tan-Un, K200490
Integrated water fire fighting systems for tall buildings and the tallest building for encountering normal fires and terrorist and arsonist attack.Cheung, KP; Chan, HW2004145
Atrial fibrillation: Prevention and termination with pacingLau, CP; Lee, KLF; Fan, K; Tse, HF; Chan, HW200379
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